One of the original townships of Lancaster County, Manheim Township marks the transition between Lancaster City and the pristine farmland that surrounds it.

Another appealing feature of the township is the variety of the 13 different parks located throughout. Hidden in the Landis Woods Park is the Boettcher House, which is home to the township's natural history museum. It is also the site of the annual Landis Woods Art Show and plays host to a variety of speakers and artists throughout the year. Another cultural attraction in the area is the Landis Valley Museum, which offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time and visit a living history village of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. The nearby children's museum, Hands-on-House, offers kids from 2-10 years of age fun and interactive ways to play and learn.

Most of the Manheim Township locations offer convenience to both Routes 30 and 283 making the homes close to many shopping amenities and local restaurants.  Southern Manheim Township is very convenient to Lancaster City and Northern Manheim Township is close to the town of Lititz.