Save money, add value and create a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

Do you want your next home to be more energy-efficient?  Do you want to increase the value of your home before you sell?  As a certified EcosociateTM, I can help you navigate the world of "green" to save money, increase value, create a healthier home and take advantage of tax incentives and rebates.

Highlight the green and attract more buyers.
Many sellers are surprised to learn that their homes already have green features.  Insulated doors and windows, ENERGY STAR appliances and high-efficiency furnaces are fairly common in today's homes, and they all add value.

If your home doesn't have many green features, I can suggest simple improvements that are attractive to green-minded buyers.  For example, insulating your hot water heater and replacing an analog thermostat with a digital model are inexpensive projects that reduce energy costs and become money-saving benefits to buyers.

Create a healthy, comfortable, efficient home.
If you are buying, I can help you identify green features in the homes you are considering.  I can also introduce you to some affordable green upgrades that will help you get the most out of your new home (and your dollar).

Many green upgrades can be made whenever convenient or practical, like replacing a burned out incandescent light bulb with a high-efficiency CFL or replacing a failing appliance with a new ENERGY STAR model.  And many green upgrades now qualify for tax credits and rebates, making it a perfect time to go green.

Check out ENERGY STAR's list of federal tax credits for consumers.

Green living doesn't mean you have to change your lifestyle—you can live greener simply by making informed choices while buying or improving your home.  My EcosociateTM designation has given me a wealth of information and resources to help you take advantage of all the benefits green has to offer.

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